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Jumping and Eventing Saddles

The medium-deep seat of Acavallo jumping saddles allows the
rider to find and keep an optimal position and balance during all
phases of riding and jumping, by moving with the horse and
supporting its natural jumping technique. The narrow twist of the
saddle tree was especially designed to maintain the required close
and constant contact with the horse.

Dressage Saddles

Particular care has been devoted to the development of the tree
used in dressage saddles. A diligent technical and practical
research has led to the creation of a particularly deep seat that
allows the horse and rider to blend into a single entity.


Carbon-Composite: Tree made of composite nylon and carbon fibre hearth
Composite-Steel: Tree made of composite nylon and carbon fibre hearth
Composite: Tree made of composite nylon


Technical Features

Acavallo has built on the experience gained through years of
collaboration with some of the most important and talented riders
in the world. Aware of the importance of shoulder anatomy and
muscle mass of the horse, Acavallo® has designed large panels
with anatomical supports to give maximum comfort. The materials
used are natural and hypoallergenic. Capable of adapting and
absorbing the stresses of every day work and the pressures that
develop during all phases of movement.


Integrated Flocked Panels: Leather, neoprene and felt pocket filled
with polyfill. Wool flocking is soft and conforms to a horse’s back.
Flocked saddles can be adjusted regularly to accommodate
changes as the horse develops. Wool is breathable keeping the
horses back cooler. Fresh flocking also minimises the saddle
bouncing and causing concussion to the horses back.
Latex Panels: Leather, felt lined and latex. Latex panels give great
cushioning, are very durable and holds up well to the concussive
stress of jumping. The panels do not change shape and bed down.