The brand new collection of Arena Stirrups for kids

Acavallo presents the brand new collection of Arena Stirrups for kids, based on several years of extensive research, development and success of our Acavallo Arena stirrups.

The Arena stirrups Junior collection is made of two models made with different materials: the same of Arena Alupro and Arena Aluplus.

Patented and laterally opening arm, produced by means of an innovative, patented injection moulding technique.

The outer articulated stirrup arm helps the foot release in case of emergency.

The opening of the stress-actuated locking and release mechanism is located a centimeter higher from the tread to ensure that the foot cannot slip out laterally by mistake and to prevent sand and dirt from delaying the opening action of the arm.

Form-fitting, highly resistible and extra-wide tread for maximum riding comfort.

Developed and manufactured in Italy.