Gel & Sheepskin Girth Saver

Acavallo sheepskin girth saver combined with Acavallo gel.

The new sheepskin girth saver is the example that Acavallo works for the horse and for its well-being. A real innovation based on only two simple and well-known materials: Acavallo gel and sheepskin. The softness, lightness and delicacy of the sheepskin, which provides perfect protection for sensitive skin areas, are combined with Acavallo gel with all of its outstanding properties: anti-slip, shock absorption, anatomical shape, durability, resistance but also a high degree of flexibility. Our sheepskin girth saver has an anatomically shaped profile, which enhances the freedom of movement and comfort of the horse. The thickness of the gel is a determining factor and was arranged to meet the anatomical and physical needs of the horse. Based on extensive testing, we determined that the correct thickness inside the girth had to be 5 mm. Only in the middle part, where pressure and friction forces are higher, the gel is slightly thicker.