Gel Front & Rear Risers

The gel front and rear risers are partial gel pads made to fill in larger spaces in the area of the gullet (front riser) or of the cantle (rear riser) of your saddle. Both pads are made of an especially soft and adhesive Acavallo gel material. The front riser lifts up the saddle by means of two lateral reinforcements, keeping the padded gullet area in perfect balance over the withers. The rear riser is a wedge-shaped pad with an uncompressed max. height of approx. 5
cm on its rear end. It provides for a substantial but nevertheless lightweight saddle support. In principle, both risers can be put on any numnah or square.
However, their adhesion works best when they are placed on top of a straight Acavallo gel pad or an Acacallo twin sided gel square.