New Collection 2018/19

New Withers Free & Memory Foam Alf Pads

Due to the great success of our Acavallo® memory foam saddle pad collection and an increasing demand for withers free products, we have decided to offer them in four additional types intergrating new technical fabrics & a new silicon grip system. The special shape and composition of these pads relieve the sensitive withers area and help to prevent problems by distributing weight evenly, improving the saddle fit. Memory foam absorbs shock, eliminates rubbing and friction and perfectly adapts to the individual contours of the horse’s body.

New fabric used : 3D spacer fabric
Spacer fabric is a highly technical material designed to distribute weight, allow maximum air flow which benefits the skin and provides a healthy skin and muscle tone supporting blood circulation. It is also designed to disperse shear and direct pressure, ideal for sensitive and cold backed horses.

This material:
*prevent heat build-up
*allows consistent air circulation
*provides faster sweat absorption and efficient evaporation

The fabric is easy to clean under running water and can be reused immediately because of its ability to dry fast, with only a shakeout required! If machine washing is needed, it can be done at low temperatures with a mild soap.


Piuma Air Release Featherlight Double Riser Pads

Due to the great success of our Acavallo “Piuma” saddle pad collection we have decided to extend our product offering by the new “Piuma” Air Release featherlight double riser pad.
As implied by its name, this 3-in-1 pad is provided with a front and rear riser, especially designed for saddles requiring stabilization and an additional padding in the gullet as well as in the cantle area.

As all products of the “Piuma” featherlight collection, this pad is anatomically shaped and offers excellent shock absorption properties.
It is also available with optional eco-wool rolled edges (AC183), adding the special lambskin touch.
The entire “Piuma” featherlight pad collection is made of a new thermoplastic material offering a low-profile but highly effective and extremely lightweight padding, without creating bulk under the saddle.
The special and innovative structure of these products has a multitude of little bulges with lateral holes permitting a free flowing, horizontally directed air circulation. The main benefit of this structure is that these bulges create a shock-absorbing effect every time they are compressed and released by the movement of the horse. As a secondary benefit, this compression and release process generates a flow of refreshing air which keeps the back of the horse perfectly dry.


Comfort Gel & Pvc Girth Eco Wool Lined

Due to an increasing demand for a fur or faux fur lining of our successful Acavallo Comfort Gel & PVC girths, we have decided to offer them also with a detachable eco-wool lining from now on. The softness, lightness and delicacy of the eco-wool provide perfect protection for sensitive skin areas. These comfort girths, made of PVC and TPU composite materials (often also referred to as eco leather) and equipped with the new Acavallo® Gel Padding System, are a real innovation in the field of equestrian sports equipment. What makes these products really revolutionary and outstanding is their unique anatomically shaped gel panel. The special design of this gel panel eliminates the risk of pinching and relieves pressure on sensitive internal organs of your horse, while permitting an increased blood circulation and supply of oxygen. The arrangement of the individual gel padding elements was developed to facilitate breathing and reduce transpiration by means of a sophisticated air flow pattern, preventing excessive heat accumulation even under high-performance conditions. Finally, the special anti-slip gel material of the panel helps to keep your saddle properly positioned and fully secured at all times. Owing to their special materials, these girths can be easily cleaned under running water after use in order to prevent irritations of the horse’s skin which are otherwise often caused by dirt residues (such as sweat, mud or hair and skin particles). Compared to conventional leather, our special plastic materials offer a large number of substantial benefits, being much more durable and easier to maintain, thus saving money in the long term. Innovation, safety and attention to detail are the key words to describe these girths. Not even the smallest detail was left to chance during the development and testing stages of these products. This applies in particular to the new and patented Acavallo® safety fastening hook, designed to eliminate the need for additional snap hooks, e. g. on the martingale, or for strap and buckle elements on the belly plate of the girth which always imply high risks of entangling and falling of the horse when jumping. In addition to this safety concern which we had in mind when developing this special hook – i. e. creating a smooth martingale/girth connection excluding any unnecessary, potential points of engagement of the horseshoe or hoof – ease of use was another main objective implemented in the design of this sturdy and long-life hook.


Acavallo “Jumpe” Alupro Bit

The Acavallo “Jumpe” AluPro Bit is made of a certified 100% anti fray twisted fiber called “Jumpe” and fitted with two anodised aluminium rings, which are available in various gloss colours and have a thickness of 7 mm. The special aluminium alloy is lightweight, durable, avoids corrosion and guarantees for a long product life. The “Jumpe” material is an anti-cut, non-fraying twisted fiber, highly resistant to UV rays, does not absorb water (water repellent) and is easy to clean. In comparison to already known plastic or synthetic materials, the main benefit of “Jumpe”is that it is almost indestructible by biting or chewing of the horse which makes it extremely safe and mouth-friendly. The weight of this new bit amounts to approx. 65 g. The outer diameter of its rings is 80 mm, a measure which proved to be highly comfortable for the horse in this configuration. Recommended for horses which react extremely sensitive to metal and/or do not like traditional rigid bits. The “Jumpe” bit adapts perfectly to the mouth of any horse, increases comfort while minimizing friction compared to other metal or rubber alternatives. To avoid any risk of pinching and to additionally protect the mouth of your horse, we suggest to use Acavallo gel bit guards.


Acavallo Alupro Hackamore

The Acavallo AluPro Hackamore is made of a certified high-grade 6082 anodised aluminium finished in gloss colours. The 6 mm thick, lightweight and durable aluminium avoids corrosion and guarantees a long life of this product. The hackamore elements are designed to have a maximum weight of 133 g per pair. Their special shape and total length of 200 mm, determined as a result of comprehensive practical tests, represent an optimal symbiosis of maximum comfort for the horse on the one side and a gentle, but efficient and highly secure control through the rider on the other side. Very important: Available in one size only, but easily adjustable to at least two different levels of effect, depending on the way of attachment and the types of accessory straps used. Thanks to this feature, the hackamore can be adapted to the needs of different horses in just a few steps.

The Acavallo AluPro Hackamore is particularily suited for horses which have temporary or permanent trouble with conventional bits for any reason (super-sensitive mouth, dental or jaw problems/injuries, bad former experiences etc.). It also encourages better horsemanship by teaching the rider to develop soft and well-balanced hands, while permitting the horse to overcome an often long lasting struggle against sharp and inappropriate bits, regaining the necessary confidence in its rider’s hand.