Acavallo - History

Acavallo was founded in 2003 in Italy. Acavallo boasts a 360° knowledge in horse technical equipment. The company flagship product is a therapeutic gel, the same used in health care to promote the health of patients. From the combination of the gel with different natural and high-tech materials, originate an incredible collection of saddle pads for the welfare and protection of the horse in order to enhance the athletic performance.

Acavallo Gel Riser
Acavallo Sheepskin Gel Pad
Acavallo Twin Sided Gel Pad

Over the years, the company has expanded its range of products in the market by launching new innovative items, such as the popular seat saver collection, horse boots, girths, and more, all with gel inserts to ensure maximum comfort and protection. The creation of Arena Alupro stirrups confirmes the company's focus on horse welfare.

Many top international riders are advocating Acavallo products, the Olympic dressage champion Charlotte Dujardin, Scott Brash, Valentina Truppa, Simon Delestre and numerous others.

Acavallo has undertaken an exciting new challenge, by developing an innovative collection of saddles and accessories, technically proven for future needs. The focus is based on two fundamental principles that in turn merge into one: the well-being of the horse and rider.

Acavallo is present in over 50 countries worldwide and has numerous patents, demonstrating the high standards of innovation.

In 2018 Acavallo was bought by Amahorse Trading


Acavallo - Values


Stands for workmanlike: conceived, designed and built entirely in Italy. The materials are of Italian origin, to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products.

Acavallo - Values


Horse health is the most important aspect to consider when making a product. For us of Acavallo it is a fundamental rule and an integral part of corporate ethics.

Acavallo - Values


To make our small contribution to environmental protection we use natural raw materials, such as sheepskin, and produce recyclable products.

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