Close Contact & Grip System Memory Foam Half Pad

New productsNews / Nov 23, 2016 /
Acavallo - Close Contact Grip System Memory Foam Pad

The new pad with glittered grip system, extremely light and soft to the touch

The new Close Contact Grip System & Memory Foam Half Pad (product code AC451) is made with new Acavallo Grip System, a special patch made of highly resistant “gripping” material to provide perfect stability to the saddle.

This is a very light saddle pad weighing only 0,5 kilos and extremely soft to the touch. It is provided with internal memory foam padding, this material is characterized by slow recovery after compression. Its ability to closely contour to shapes allows surface pressure to be distributed over a wide area. Other characteristics include its ability to dampen vibration as well as absorb shocks. This material also react to body temperature softening and more easily adjusting to body contours.
It is covered with a silicone glittered grip that can improve stability avoiding the pad to gradually slide under the saddle.
Thanks  to its technical features this pad is suitable for everybody, both for those who need to relieve  the pressure points caused by different factors and for those who simply want to give more comfort to their horse’s back.

Washing and maintenance instructions

Machine washable at 30° with mild detergents.  Brush to remove hair and dirt before washing. Wash separately. Brush and wipe with a damp cloth after each use.

For more information send an email to info@acavallo.com