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FairNews / Oct 26, 2021 /

IT’S NOT TIME TO WAIT ANYMORE, IT’S TIME FOR FIERACAVALLI VERONA! Fieracavalli is the most important appointment for the Equestrian sector in Italy and we are very proud and happy to back on track starting from our Country. Come to visit us at AmaHorse stand hall 7-7, (in front of the training area). Don’t miss the […]

Hest & Rytter Herning 2020

FairNews / Mar 3, 2020 /

THE PLACE TO BE FOR EQUINE ENTHUSIASTS If you love horses and horse riding you do not want to miss out on the Horse & Rider exhibition. It takes place at the same time as Danish Warmbloods National Stallion Show and the joint event had approx. 67,000 visitors in 2019. 300 exhibitors participated at the latest […]

Cavalli a Roma 2020

FairNews / Feb 14, 2020 /

JOINED FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE EQUESTRIAN SECTOR, FIERA ROMA AND VERONAFIERE START THE FIRST EDITION OF THE “CAVALLI A ROMA BY VERONAFIERE” REVIEW. Strongly linked to the equestrian world, Lazio becomes a reference point for central and southern Italy and, thanks to its over 100 years of experience in the Veronafiere sector, introduces an […]