Acavallo seat saver review

Product reviews / May 31, 2016 /
Acavallo seat saver review

The German rider and blogger Carlchen Opulensky make a review of a Acavallo seat saver. Enjoy the reading!

The Acavallo Seat Saver from is a cover for the saddle. The top is made of textile and the bottom consists of perforated gel, comparable with the thin gel pads which can be packed under the saddle.
My first thought was that this is really something for ‘older‘ people and that I still had a few years before I would need to buy something like this. But I have to say, it‘s actually rather cool. It took just a minute to attach the Acavallo Seat Saver to my saddle. I opted for size L in brown and the thinner variant (10 mm). This looks good and fits my 17.5″ flat seat jumping saddle perfectly.

The first time I mounted up, I immediately found it more comfortable than without. Flat seat saddles are relatively hard, of course, and a difference can already be felt here. The next advantage is that you have a better grip. You sit firmly in the saddle but are more mobile than if you are riding e.g. with grip breeches and ‘stick‘ to the saddle, which is sometimes really unpleasant.
Since I like to sit a bit higher, I had to shorten the stirrup leather by one hole for jumping, so that I had the same length as before. This is done in no time, of course, and everything sits perfectly afterwards. I also took the Acavallo Seat Saver to a tournament. This is absolutely not a problem, since there are no restrictions according to LPO. It is comfortable during jumping, especially when sitting down, since it is more shock-absorbing. I have no problems with my back and therefore cannot say whether it is better with the Seat Saver. However, I found it considerably more comfortable to sit down when jumping. Especially with Carli, who sometimes takes some really big jumps and gives you a shock in your back on landing.

The acid test for the Seat Saver was putting it on Mama‘s rock-hard dressage saddle, which is almost 30 years old. This has a relatively flat seat, so the Spring Seat Saver also fitted perfectly here. Mama and her dressage saddle are a love affair which I can‘t quite understand. It is super hard and really uncomfortable, but she won‘t allow anything on it and is absolutely not a fan of changes to her saddle. After mounting up, it took a few seconds and then she said “Hmm. Not bad at all.” This is a real compliment coming from her!
She was really impressed after riding, since she had a perfect seat and was also delighted by the grip. She often suffers back pain when her horse jumps to the side and she gets an unexpected ‘shock‘ in the back. Her horse was also briefly startled during the work-out today and unexpectedly jumped to the side. But she hardly slipped in the saddle because of the good hold, and the additional shock-absorbing gel meant that she had no pain.

Acavallo seat saver review

The advantage of this Seat Saver is that you have a super grip on the material, but this is also a minor disadvantage, at least if you have a white horse in the spring. Unfortunately, the hairs also adhere really well! However, they can be removed with a lint roller without any problems, and the hairs are not stuck on so firmly that you can‘t get them off.
You have a slight impression of the gel pattern on the saddle after riding. But I take the Seat Saver off after every ride in any case and wipe the seat surface over with a cloth, and the pattern disappears.
Another great advantage is that the Acavallo Seat Saver really is a Seat Saver for the saddle. In spite of using a saddle cover, I usually knock deep dents in the saddle, especially when loading it into the tack compartment of my horse trailer. But since the gel layer and the textile are stretched over the cantle here, my saddle is now spared from new damage.

To sum up, I am really impressed by this product and also like the design. It looks really elegant with the Acavallo logo and I also like the shape.
The Seat Saver only makes itself felt in a positive light when riding, so that you can significantly improve and upgrade your saddle at low cost. This product is a great add-on, especially for riders with a tendency towards back problems.
But it is also recommended for prevention and load relief, e.g. for riders who carry out intensive work with several horses every day, or for people who simply want more sitting comfort from their saddle. The criticisms about the occasional adhering hair and the short-lived impression are purely optical and can be remedied with minimum effort. I also think it‘s very good value for money.
The Seat Saver is available in various sizes, thicknesses and different colours.