Acavallo - Materials

Acavallo Therapeutic Gel

Extremely lightweight, the Acavallo soft gel pad can be used directly on the horse’s back. Acavallo gel has a remarkable ability to absorb shocks, is suitable for any type of saddle and fits perfectly to the horse’s back. The unique feature of Acavallo gel is that it is sticky, which is the reason why all riders love it. After washing, it gets sticky again, provided that the instructions below are followed. It has the ability to allow the skin to breathe while maintaining contact with the saddle, thanks to an excellent shock-absorbing non-slip layer. A thoroughly elastic stretch product, it can be cut to the desired shape (riders often cut it of half an inch so that it is not visible under the saddle). It blocks any unwanted movement of the saddle, backwards, forwards and sidewards. A real asset if the saddles rotate on the ‘rounder’ horses & ponies.
Skidproof, antibacterial, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, non-absorbent of fluids, smell and bacteria. Machine-washable at 30 degrees or by simply running under water using mild soap. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight. Allow to dry naturally.


Man has been using sheepskin since ancient times because of its comfort and protective qualities. Most of the muttons offer 3000 fibers per square inch, and each fiber is like a tiny shock absorber that makes sheepskin probably the best emollient padding in nature. The pile of those special tanned sheepskins is 30 mm. The Acavallo wool is selected in order to have a  very high density. Sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge. Synthetic seat covers are a 100% insulator of electrical energy. All natural sheepskin is a partial insulator providing you an undisturbed release of static electricity created by the natural friction of your body and the environment. Sheepskin is able to absorb sweat immediately and can submit it in to the air seven times faster than synthetics. Machine-washable (30 degrees) or by hand simply using water. Remove any dried mud or sweat with a brush before washing. Rub human hair conditioner into the lambskin before washing. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam (an open-cell variety of flexible polyurethane foam) was first commercialized during the mid-60’s as a result of NASA’s AMES Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. This material is characterized by slow recovery after compression. Its ability to closely contour to shapes allows surface pressure to be distributed over a wide area. Other characteristics include its ability to dampen vibration as well as absorb shocks.
This product also reacts to body temperature softening and adjusts more easily to body contours.


Dri-Lex is a fabric that combine hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in a composite structure that is unique in the industry. The inner layer stays dry, while the outer layer acts as a micro-reservoir for sweat, and the moisture is literally vaporized. Dri-Lex fabrics are engineered to enhance nature’s work.
They rapidly move moisture through performance equipment to keep the body dry and comfortable.